Smoszewski Hostel offers two halls that can be used to organise various celebrations, events, meetings or workshops.

The first of them is a typical, fully-furnished conference room. It is situated on the level -1 of the Hostel. The other – festival hall is located in the building of Smoszewski Festival of Culture. This is a unique place with post-industrial architecture thanks to which your event will have an exceptional character.


  1. Hall 8.3 x 5.5m2
  2. 4 conference tables – 2 x 100 x 155 cm, 2 x 130 x 200cm
  3. 54 chairs
  4. Possibility to arrange chairs theatrically
  5. Acces to the staff room/ kitchen
  6. Artificial lighting
  7. Location: level – 1 on the Hostel premises


  1. Big hall 5.4 x 13.8 m2
  2. Small hall 5.4 x 9.9 m2 (the hall to be used as a place for break/ lunch, other)
  3. Well-lit – big windows, chandeliers
  4. Acces to the staff room
  5. Cloakroom
  6. Location: the building of Smoszewski Festival of Culture

So far in the halls we have organized among others:

  • exhibitions, openings
  • reviews, festivals, marathons, concerts
  • interviews
  • theatre plays
  • photo sessions
  • meetings with customers and employees
  • trainings and workshops
  • private parties